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how are you today

totally stressed started this conversation

hi starshine,schmidty,castluv,feebee and all i post with. had a long funny and pointed post for you all. butt. lost it before i could get that far. love you all. miss cryin and switching with you's. ozzie says ow and that im boringn him to death. not my machine again. got to be quick. hard-drive is hard-tocumbye(haha) later ya'll. C-ya(free)

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Well good evening to you sir! Sorry to hear of the loss of your post! I just hate that! You spend 30 minutes and so much writing and then "poof" .. GONE! .. into the netherworld of the interweb ... so sad and sooo frustrating!!! Do hope you have some time to rewrite it soon! I would most certainly enjoy a funny story! :) Have a wonderful night! Cat
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hi iam going to sleep
glad to ear from you
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